Don’t Stop – Music Video

Impossible not to enjoy.
– Popmatters

Moonlight – Music Video

An ominous, truly stunning experience.
– Variance Magazine

Down by the River – Music Video

The video to WYO’s ‘Down By The River’ is enough to make you clutch at your heart but add that to the incredible rise of bellowing, soulful melodies and vocals that hit like an arrow into your chest, this track will leave you ruined.
– Mytacism Music

“Down by the River” is a journey with peaks and valleys, and perfectly paired with the song is the video beautifully shot as a short film.
– OpenEars Music

Now they bring their vision to life with debut single, “Down by the River.” The track evokes a heavenly feeling of wide-open spaces in nature.

Running Wild – Music Video

“Running Wild” – WYO Conveys The Rugged Energy Of Wild Wyoming In Their New Music
Huffington Post

On Your Own – Live Performance Video

Hot Lights – Live Performance Video

Queen of the Bees – Live Performance Video

WYO World

Western Wyoming (Lyric Video)

Falling (Lyric Video)

…a freeing and expansive soundscape that conveys as much feeling as a soul-bearing confessional.